“We are professional mattress manufacturers with 12 years of experience! We manufacture and sell not only quality mattresses and mattress toppers, but also soft, comfortable pillows, beds, orthopaedic parts and other custom orders for foam products. We have tested a wide range of products, and by working closely with our customers, we choose the best products to match their expectations and needs – this is our top pr.
The materials and raw materials, manufactured to the highest quality standards and in close collaboration with doctors in the field, are suitable for those who want to get a good night’s sleep or improve their health, and for those with babies, it’s the ideal solution because the material structure is non-allergenic and skin-friendly! We do everything possible to guarantee that the items we create are comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional, and that the price-performance ratio is within each customer’s budget.
Mattresses are manufactured in conventional and non-standard sizes based on customer specifications. Our staff is committed to improving the quality of our customers’ sleep and is delighted to advise and assist you in selecting a product that considers not only your health issues and body weight, but also your pace of life and lifestyle. By focusing on our customer base, we are committed to long-term partnership not only during the purchase but also during the use of the product, to achieve the best possible results. However, customer feedback is the most important evaluation of our work.

• Made in Lithuania.
• The products are certified and comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
• We guarantee excellent value for money.

If you want to give your body comfort and feel what it means to have a healthy and deep sleep – contact us and we promise you will be satisfied with your purchase!”